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Tips for Winterizing your Trampoline

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If you are looking for winterizing trampoline tips or how to deal with your trampoline in winter, keep reading for everything you need to know. A few factors need to be taken into account with winterizing trampolines and it depends on a few things.

Firstly, where you live and secondly, what kind of trampoline you have.

Some brands boast durability in any season (like Springfree), where other models if you want to ensure its longevity, you need to protect it and store it for harsh weather.


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Tips for Winterizing your Trampoline

If you do not live in a warm climate, it is about that time of year where wet, snowy, and stormy weather is the norm and the kids are not playing outside on your trampoline anymore.

If you are just looking for a cover, I suggest you check out this one, but keep reading for everything you need to know about winterizing your existing trampoline!

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Tips for Winterizing Trampoline
Gone are the beautiful summer days of the kids outside on the trampoline. You need to get it ready for winter BEFORE the snow comes!

Should you Disassemble your Trampoline in Winter?

If you want to know how to store your trampoline in winter and have ample storage space then the answer is probably yes, you should disassemble your trampoline in winter.

But not everyone has an empty garage to store all of the parts and not everyone has a climate that requires it to be completely put away in the winter.

Most trampolines are meant to be durable and made of rustproof materials, so you can do a few small things to keep them clean and safe and in good condition for years to come!

winterizing trampoline tips
If your backyard tends to turn into THIS in the winter, you should be reading these winterizing trampoline tips!


Remove the frame mats and store them indoors in a clean and dry space. Wipe them with a gentle cleaning solution to get any tree sap or outdoor residue off of them and allow them to fully dry.

Remove the enclosure netting when you winterize your trampoline. You can wash any outdoor residue with the same cleaner. Also, remove the jump pad and store it in a cool, dry place.

If you live in an area prone to snow, ensure you remove the snow from the trampoline surface so that the continuous weight does not overstretch the springs. This can be done with a broom or shovel and is especially important if you live in a climate prone to heavy, wet snow.

If disassembling your trampoline in winter is not an option, you can opt for a cover to keep dirt and debris off your trampoline. Find them herehere

Winterization Trampoline
No this picture is NOT sideways, DO not let this be your trampoline! Ensure you stake your trampoline down for wind storms. This was in the middle of summer, and these people were not prepared.

Winterizing Trampoline and Wind

Trampolines can cause a lot of damage if they catch the wind in a storm. I have heard plenty of stories of trampolines flying like leaves with heavy wind gusts. Once this happens, besides the danger to people and property, they are usually damaged beyond repair.

You can buy anchor kits to secure them to the ground. Whether winter or summer, you should anchor your trampoline if there is a chance that you live in an area with severe wind!

Check out these ones from JumpSport or these ones from Skywalker. They are a cheap investment to ensure your trampoline does not do damage to property or endanger other people in wind storms.

If you happen to have a trampoline tent, it is important that you take these down if you have wind or too much rain. otherwise, they will help propel your trampoline and besides ripping, will probably wreck your trampoline as well.

I hope these winterizing trampoline tips have been helpful. You should also check out tips for moving a trampoline if you just want to move it to a different area in your yard!

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