10 Cute Trampoline Party Favor Ideas & Decor Inspiration Ideas

Trampoline parties are always fun to host. Kids love running, jumping and bouncing so trampoline parties are a great way to keep them busy. And bouncing around is always fun. Trampoline parks are commonplace in cities all over. Whether you are planning a backyard trampoline party or have chosen to do your party at a trampoline park, these trampoline party favor ideas will have your goody bags set!

If you are just in the beginning stages of planning a gift for your family and plan on purchasing a new trampoline, have a look at my guide to the best trampoline for your family! It has recently been updated with new models!

Perfect trampoline party favors and gift bag ideas

Trampoline Party Favor Ideas

Bounce House or Jumping Party Invitations

Jumping party invitations

Start off with Bounce House or Jumping Party invitations. On ordering, you will receive a set of 30 cards and envelopes for under $15.00. They are made of high-quality paper with a matte finish, they are 4 inches by 6 inches with neat columns for you to write full details of your party on.


Trampoline Party Tie Favors

Etsy trampoline party favor idea.

Birthdays are never complete without one-of-a-kind personalized hair tie party favors. These custom-printed hair ties by LoveMiaCo are the perfect bounce party favors for a trampoline-themed party, even better if it is only a girl’s party. They are available in different colors. The seller customizes it according to your requirement. A great way to add some sparkle to the party. 


 Bounce Jump Happy Birthday Banner

Happy Birthday banner for a trampoline party.

Looking for a trampoline themed party banner? Well, look no further as Bounce Jump Happy Birthday Banner. This banner comes from Walmart and comes in seven different colors, the words “Happy Birthday” are spelled out over the 15 panels (2 extra panels featuring amusing bouncing kids). Each panel is 6 inches by 8 inches. And they come in a bundle. Our tip: measure the wall on which you plan to hang it before buying it. 


Jump-Themed Cupcake toppers

Jump party cupcake toppers

Any trampoline party is incomplete without a cake! Cupcakes have become very popular for parties because they are easy to transport and easy to serve! These cake toppers are the perfect way to decorate cupcakes for your jump party! They are made of paper and can be recycled after!


Trampoline Jump Candy Goodie Bags

jumping party bags

These festive snack bags are made with thick paper, with a bottom that is designed to be sealed. They have a wide base, making them perfect to stuff and still have stand up. You can not go wrong with these jumping- themed birthday candy bags simply for its convenience. Jump figures in different postures, dots, stars, confetti, banners and other classic elements are printed on both its sides. These bounce jump party favor snack bags are perfect for packing many kinds of treats, as well as small gifts and they can be used as wonderful return gifts for friends, family, and neighbors.


Trampoline Party Favor Tags

jumping thank you

A printed tag that says “Thank you for jumping” would be the perfect addition to your colorful and exciting trampoline park party. You can download the template and get your tag customized from etsy.com and print it yourself. Designed by BDP designs, it is a good choice for  a birthday boy’s party.


Non-Slip Trampoline Socks

jumping grip socks party favors

These non-slip trampoline socks by Trampolines USA are a great party favor idea for backyard parties!  These amazing trampoline socks with their groovy look are equipped with bottom grips to prevent sliding. A decorative design is woven that reads “GOT BOUNCE?”. This would be a terrific pick for your trampoline-themed party. 


Trampoline Zone Stickers

trampoline party favor stickers

These stickers with bouncing kids have a vibrant orange and royal blue touch. You will get 40 stickers, enough to use it in the party decor as well as giving them out. These circular labels measure two inches in diameter and are made from the finest quality paper. You may affix these cute stickers to goodie bags, party favors, boxes, and tags, and you can even use them as envelope seals on your thank you cards. These stickers are versatile and will aid you in a variety of ways.


Jumping Frog Toy

jumping party favors

Which child does not like toys? This jumping frog party favor is suited for this occasion. A Lot of 36 will do for most party sizes! Made out of plastic, these toys are available in various assorted colors which will add zeal, liveliness  and lots of colors to your party.  


Jumping Smile Popper Spring Launcher Toys

bounce party favors

These bouncing toys are an all-time favorite with kids. Press them down and watch them fly in the air. The harder you press, the higher they pop! They’re soft and squishy, making them ideal for children. Everyone has a favorite go-to face and you surely will find yours. This toy set comes with 24 different faces, Smiling, winking, kissing, goofy, sad, afraid, crying with laughter, and so much more!


Party Favor Box

If you are looking for a sturdy box for your trampoline park party favors, these cardboard boxes are perfect! The base of the box is about 4″ x 2.5″ which is perfect to take home a cupcake or for larger items in a goody bag!

The boxes are customized based on what you want them to say which saves time when it comes to party prep!


Water bottle lables for trampoline party.

Want to custom label water bottles for your party? These water bottle labels have you covered! Whatever color scheme you have planned for your event, you will find the right labels that will fit right in. Do not forget to pack a sharpie to label each bottle for your guests!