What is a Trampoline Board?

If you are new to trampolines, or kids who want to learn snowboard tricks you may not know what a trampoline board, trampoline bounceboard or trampboard is. Trampoline bounceboards are quickly gaining in popularity not only for their exercise benefits but for anyone who is in the skate, snow, wake and surf sports!

What is a Trampoline Bounceboard?


So what is a trampoline bounceboard or trampboard? Technically, it is a foam board with foot inserts, used to do tricks on a backyard trampoline. Who is a trampoline bouceboard for? A Trampoline bounceboard was created for skateboarders, snowboarders, kitesurfers, wakeboarders and surfers who want to practice new tricks or keep fit in the off season. It gives a safe environment to try new tricks or work on techniques. Is is also a great backyard toy for kids. Most bounceboards are designed for kids aged 6 and up as they are a one-size-fits-all design.

Features of Trampoline Bounceboards

Trampoline bounceboards are made of lightweight materials and although they may look like a snowboard or wakeboard, they are quite a bit lighter.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Slip resistant bottom
  • Footstraps

Check out this video below of a typical trampoline board user’s first experience with the board!

If you capture some great moves, check out these trampoline captions for Instagram for your best shots!


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Types of Trampoline Bounceboards


There are a few brands online offering trampoline boards and I have listed them and the features of each of them below. If you are looking for a bounceboard to improve your board training or to buy one for your kids, I am sure that one of these will be perfect!


Jumpsport Trampoline Bounceboard


Jumpsport is will known for trampolines. They also have a wide range of accessories including the popular Jumpsport Bounceboard. It is a well built board made of closed cell polyethylene foam making it durable, soft and flexible. It comes with heavy duty velcro-like closures and a slip resistant fabric bottom.

Features of Jumpsport Trampoline Bounceboard

  • 34″ x 12″ x 2″ Board size
  • Adjustable foot straps
  • Slip resistant bottom
  • Foam board construction
  • Rated for users up to 220 lbs


Bounceboard Classic Trampoline Board


The Bounceboard Classic trampoline board is designed for extreme tricks and is meant for extreme tricks. It is designed for ages 6 and up but it better suited to older kids and adults.

Features of Bounceboard Classic Trampoline Board:

  • 34″ x 12.5″ x 4″ Board size
  • Adjustable foot strap
  • Eva foam board construction
  • 5.4 lbs

Upper Bounce Trampoline Board


The trampoline board from Upper Bounce is an inexpensive trampoline board and is super lightweight. It has slip resistant fabric, and shock absorption.

Features of the Upper Bounce Board

  • Adustable foot straps
  • Super lightweight
  • inexpensive brand
  • slip resistant fabric


Trampoline Board Safety

Bounce boards are meant for experienced trampoline users on large trampolines. It is not intended for mini-trampolines. Tricks should be practiced without a board and the user should be proficient in these tricks before trying with a board. It is an excellent tool for board sport users to improve their tricks and they should be practiced with supervision. Other usual trampoline safety tips should be followed