Complete Springfree Trampoline Review

When you hear about quality trampolines, Springfree is always in the conversation. Also, when you are looking for a springless trampoline, Springfree is the only choice easily available. It is usually along the lines of, “well we paid a little more to get a great quality trampoline” or “safety was our number one priority.” Because of this, I am happy to provide one of the Springfree Trampoline reviews to help you make your purchase decisions.  I took a look at the Medium size 8×11’ Springfree Trampoline. The biggest thing that I was looking for in my review of the Springfree trampoline was whether its focus on safety above all else, in any way hindered the user (in this case, my kids) experience.



Springfree Trampoline Reviews with Basketball Hoop and Enclosure


A Complete Springfree Trampoline Review




To start, I had my Springfree Trampoline delivered by the company themselves, which meant that they would do the install as well. The installers told me that for the average family, after reading the instructions, the average time it takes to install a Springfree trampoline is about 2 hours. But they could do it in about 20 minutes.

That sold me on having them install it for me! The thought of fumbling around with it for 2 hours (if I was lucky) was enough to have me leave it to the professionals! (If you have ever put together Ikea furniture you will probably agree with me!)

The installers were on time and efficient arrived, set up, and gone in less than an hour! The kids were thrilled it was going to be so fast! Check it out in the short video below!





When you purchase from Springfree, their installers will set up the trampoline for you, when you purchase from a 3rd party (such as Amazon), you can also have them do the install with their Home Services, but it is a 3rd party who will be installing your trampoline.


Springfree Trampolines Install


And off they went, 4 kids, bouncing around instantly. The first thing I will tell you about Springfree trampolines is that their inventor was tasked with building something that his wife would allow their children to use. She, like many others, believed that trampolines posed a significant safety hazard and there was no way that their child would have one. Tasked with the challenge, the inventor, aimed to take away any possible hazards, whether it be fall hazard, use hazard or entrapment hazard.

Today’s Springfree trampoline was what he came up with!

Now I will be the first to admit, “safety” can often stifle the fun out of activities. In other cases, safety is just a logical advancement to a fun activity. No one thinks that helmets on a ski hill are a bad idea, but 30 years ago when I was learning to ski, that was not something that crossed my parents’ mind.

Springfree Safety Warnings
Springfree Trampoline Safety Warnings are clear: Only one at a time, no flips, inspect the trampoline before use and ensure it is in good conditions, adult supervision, stay away from rods on the outside, do not put your hands near the while rods while someone is jumping.

Top Safety Advice From Springfree:


  • 1 At a time (only one jumper should be on the trampoline at a time)
  • Do not practice flips
  • Keep the zipper closed
  • Adult supervision
  • Stay away from outside rods


Springfree Recommends one user at a time for Safety.


Today many parents are looking to keep their kids as safe as possible while also providing as much fun as possible. My initial concern with the Springfree trampoline was that its springs could not possibly function like other trampolines and that the bounce would be weak.

But I was WRONG. Springfree bounces like ANY other trampoline I have been on! It had plenty of bounce!

Springfree Bounce
I will admit, I was skeptical about how well it would bounce! But overall, I’m impressed!

Knowing the strength of the safety net, I was excited to try it out. Many trampolines with enclosures are meant to prevent accidental bouncing OFF the trampoline. They are a safeguard just in case. But some do not attach directly to the trampoline mat, and it is still possible for a child to slip off the trampoline. Many also have metal poles that could lead to injuries.

Springfree has gotten rid of this hazard by making the net so strong an adult can lean against it without damage. To prevent anyone from hitting the poles, they are designed to curve outward. The enclosure net is sewn into the mat so there is no possibility of slipping between the enclosure and the mat surface.

Springfree Nets
Springfree Nets are made to be strong! While working on my Springfree trampoline reviews I wanted to see what it was like when they leaned against it and I even tried myself. While they are not meant to actually throw yourself at, they are designed to send you back onto the bouncing surface

When you have kids that are hard on their stuff, it means your investment can quickly get damaged. Whether it is nets ripping, or weather-related damage, a trampoline seems like something that only lasts a few years before it looks worn out. Springfree offers a 10-year warranty on all parts of the trampoline. It is made to withstand snow and harsh winters and is also treated to withstand the hot sun’s UV rays.

What I want to not about the size of the Springfree trampolines is that they can be deceiving. Because of their net shape, they need a lot of space, you cannot just place them in the space the size of the trampoline.

You can see the amount of space that these guys have on here! Although this is their medium size, there is room for 4 kids 10 and under to play!

Another thing is that while Sprirngfree claims that their 8×11 trampoline functions like a 9×12 from other makers, the way the nets are designed, they bend inwards, a lot. You do not actually have 8×11 feet of jumping space as if you stand on the edge and jump, the enclosure net is in the way. This is where I think the user is misled and for this reason, I suggest you go as big as you can space-wise, so your children have a lot of growing room. You can see what I mean in the photo below.

While a small trampoline seems large with a toddler inside, your Springfree is going to be around when that toddler is a teenager and you want them to be able to enjoy it just as much as when they were young.

Springfree Mat and Enclosure
You can see I am a good 6 inches away from the edge of the yellow line, and the side of my body is touching the net. You cannot actually use ALL of the jumping surface.

Keeping the Kids Safe and Happy


While safety might seem like it can spoil the fun, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy your new Springfree Trampoline with just one person on it. One of my boy’s favorites this summer has been putting the sprinkler underneath and jumping over the water that sprays through.


They have also come up with some basketball games where they time how fast each person can sink 5 or 10 shots!


Another one that they do is one person has the hose on the outside and squirts the person on the inside. Kids are pretty good at making up ways to entertain themselves!


In the evenings, they have taken their sleeping bags out there with cards or their iPad and have played outside instead of being cooped up in the house! Winter will be here soon enough, I would rather have them out there enjoying their evenings outside!


Springless Trampoline Reviews


This innovative product comes with a cost. As much as 4 times higher than the typical trampoline on the market. But with Springfree, it is not an investment in a throw-away backyard toy, it is something that will last in your backyard for years.

If you have the budget to invest in Springfree, spend the little bit more and go with the biggest size you can fit in your yard so that you never feel as if your children have outgrown the trampoline!


Springfree Trampoline Review


Springfree Trampolines come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Medium Oval8' x 11'
Medium Round10' x 10'
Large Oval8' x 13'
Large Square11' x 11'
Jumbo Round13' x 13'
Jumbo Square13' x 13'
Compact Round8' x 8'

Other accessories besides the basketball hoop for the Springfree Trampolines include a step ladder, sunshade, wheels (I wish we got these), ground anchors, a cover and tgoma, a product that works with your tablet to keep fit.

Springfree Basketball Hoop
We got the Springfree Basketball Hoop and it was well worth the addition! That ball is used DAILY and it gives the kids another reason to go jump on the trampoline!
Springfree Trampoline from the Air
Our Springfree Trampoline has made a great addition to the backyard this summer and we are looking forward to many more!


Springless Trampoline Review of Spring free

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