Parts of Trampoline

There are just a few basic parts of a trampoline. Which when it comes to needing replacement parts, is a good thing. But all trampolines are made differently so you need to take that into consideration when making your trampoline purchase as the availability of replacement parts for a trampoline is going to depend on the brand.

Typically trampolines have a base, springs, a trampoline pad (the spring cover), a mat (your jumping surface), and a net. Some have accessories like basketball hoops or tents.

Your typical trampoline spring cover is the first thing that needs replacing. The trampoline net is also something that can get damaged quickly if it is not used as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

When you are considering a trampoline purchase, keep replacement parts in mind, or consider a trampoline like those made by Springfree, which offer 10-year parts warranty and is built to last at least a decade!

Trampoline parts - mat, frame and rusty springs.