10 Essential Tips for Moving a Trampoline

So you are wondering how to move a trampoline. No worries, by the time you get to the end of this post you will have everything you need to know to make moving a trampoline as easy as possible!

What is the Best Way to Move a Trampoline?

Well, that will depend on how far you are moving your trampoline. If it is just across the yard, a few strong arms should be enough. Three to 4 adults can generally move most trampolines from one side of the yard to another. And if your ground is hard-packed, two adults can easily move a trampoline by sliding it across the yard into its new home.

The best way to move a trampoline is probably to take it apart and move it piece by piece and put it back together. But that can be very time consuming and putting trampolines together is not the easiest thing. I know there is a lot of reluctance to take a trampoline apart if you can move it in one piece!

If you are moving a trampoline to a new yard or a new home and have to transport it in a vehicle, if your trampoline is bigger than a toddler trampoline, unfortunately, you are going to want to disassemble it. This will ensure you do not end up bending the frame or the legs or damaging the net.

How to move a trampoline in your backyard.

10 Tips for Moving a Trampoline without Taking it Apart

1. Get Some Help

You are going to want strong arms to move your trampoline. Most backyard trampolines weigh well over 100 lbs. Three to four strong adults are the best way to distribute the weight of the trampoline and move it.

2. Plan your Move

Is your pathway clear? Do you need to go over fences or around trees? Ensure other play structures are moved well away and you have space to move your trampoline. Also, make sure small kids and animals are out of the way. They can easily cause a tripping hazard when you are holding onto a trampoline and trying to move it!

Have you ensured your new space has room for the new trampoline? I have moved a few into spaces that look big enough, only to find out that they are not.

3. Consider Wheels

Some trampoline models, Springfree is one of them, have wheels you can put on your trampoline to move them easier. You can find them here. They quickly slip under the legs of the trampoline, making it much easier to move from one place to another. These work great when you want to move your trampoline often, to mow under it for example. I find moving mine every week ensures the whole lawn stays green all summer.

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springfree wheels to move trampoline.
Springfree wheels to move my trampoline for mowing each week!

4. Try some help with lubricants

It has been suggested that putting some WD40 on the legs will help move it across the grass. I am sure cooking spray would also work. This is really going to depend on whether your grass is wet or dry. If lifting the trampoline is impossible, it’s worth trying.

5. Try Rolling It

If you have a small trampoline or a trampoline without an enclosure, you can try tipping it onto its side and rolling it. This only works well with small round trampolines.

6. Do not Strap it to a Truck or Trailer

I am sure you have seen photos online of people moving trampolines on the back of a truck or sideways on a trailer. You are more than likely going to bend the frame and quite possibly, someone else’s car in the process. While straping it to a vehicle might sound like a good idea, it should not be done with a large backyard trampoline.

7. Take a Photo before taking it apart

If you have decided that you need to take your trampoline apart in order to move it, take a photo of it before you start removing pieces. This can alwasy help you put it back together.

8. Label the Parts

If you have decided to take your trampoline apart when you move it, label all of your pieces. Gather your tools, a sharpie and a few ziplock bags. When you remove bolts, put them in a ziplock bag and label as necessary. You may also want to label each leg, especially if you have an oval trampoline. The oval pieces often look the same, but are labeled differently.

9. Consider replacing parts

When you are moving your trampoline, check the condition of the net, the mat, the springs and the spring covers. If anything shows excess wear, consider replacing the parts to get more years out of your trampoline.

10. Good Luck!

Trampolines are a great investment. Something that you and your family can use year after year! These tips should tell you everything you need to know about moving a trampoline. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out. You may also like the following posts: Things to do on a trampoline, How to clean a trampoline and How to winterize your trampoline.

Tips for moving a trampoline.