How to Clean a Trampoline

If you are wondering how to clean a trampoline then you are in the right place. A trampoline is a valuable purchase and with a little love and care, it can be used for years.

Cleaning and winterizing are a little different and I have a post about winterizing your trampoline if you would prefer to read that. If you are lucky enough to live in a warm climate, you do not need to worry about winterizing! Or if you have a trampoline like the ones from Springfree, you can keep them up all year without worrying about damage!


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How to clean your trampoline.

How to Clean Your Trampoline

  1. Use a brush to sweep needles and leaves into a pile and pick up with a dustpan. Depending on where you live this can be a daily / weekly or almost never occurrence
  2. Wash any mildew with warm soapy water. Do not use anything abrasive. Where I live, anything North facing ends up with greenish / brown mildew and if you keep up with it, it comes off easily.
  3. Keep the pad in good condition by taking it off in the winter. The sun can also cause damage. If yours get to the state of the one in the photo below, it is probably time to order some replacement parts.

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Trampoline Cleaning Tips
It only takes a minute to sweep off leaves and needles. Just sweep them into a pile or sweep them right out the door before jumping!
How to Clean a Trampoline
This trampoline pad will not come back to looking new, even after cleaning. When they no longer fit properly or are discolored or ripped, it is time for replacement parts.

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