How Much Weight Can a Trampoline Hold?

How much weight can a trampoline hold and the weight limits for safely bouncing on a trampoline are two different things! Each size trampoline has a different weight limit with toddler trampolines often only rated for around 50 lbs and 15-foot backyard trampolines being able to accommodate 250 to 400 lbs. In the article below, I discuss in more detail the major trampoline brands and the typical weight limits for small trampolines as well as 12ft, 14ft and 15ft trampolines!


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So How Much Weight Can a Trampoline Hold Really?

When you bought your trampoline, the manufacturer likely listed the weight limit in the instructions that came with your unit. Or you may have read some of the articles on my site and seen the weight limit listed. Each manufacturer has its own weight rating based on its unique size and design (We have a handy list of the best trampolines to take all of this guesswork out of choosing one!)

When you think about it, you did not buy a trampoline to stand on it. You bought it to bounce on it and the manufacturer’s recommended max weight limit is mentioned to have the trampoline function safely. The material used in the construction of the trampoline from the frame to the mat to the springs all come together to give your trampoline the bounce it has. Following the recommended guidelines will ensure safe operation of your trampoline!

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What Determines the Weight a Trampoline can Hold?

As mentioned above, the materials that the trampoline is constructed of are going to determine the weight limit. A mat for a small trampoline may not be woven as tightly, nor use the same materials. A heavy duty frame is going to offer more stability than one made of lighter-duty materials. A frame for a 50 lb child is going to be different than a frame to support a 200 lb adult. The springs are the last thing that come into play. They are an important part of creating the upward momentum in the bounce.

Skywalker Trampoline Weight Limits

Skywalker trampolines are some of the most popular in the market. The 15 ft trampoline is by far one of the best sellers online and often sells out in the popular spring buying period. Below I have listed the weight limits for the 15ft, 12ft, 10ft and oval Skywalker models. While the manufacturer sets these limits, they note that they have tested their trampolines to withstand 4 times the recommended limit.

15ft Skywalker Trampoline Weight Limit is 275 lbs.

12ft Skywalker Trampoline Weight limit is 200 lbs.

10ft Skywalker Trampoline Weight limit is 175 lbs.

8ft Skywalker Trampoline Weight Limits is 175 lbs.

Springfree Trampoline Weight Limits

Springfree Trampolines are a long-term investment and their trampoline weight limits vary. They come with the industry’s longest warranty and their trampolines stand up to years worth of year-round use. I have reviewed them in depth in this Springfree Review.

Medium Oval Springfree Trampoline Weight Limit is 220 lbs

Medium Round Springfree Trampoline Weight Limit is 220 lbs

Large Square Springfree Trampoline Weight Limit is 220 lbs

Overall it does not matter the size you buy, most Springfree trampoline models are rated for 220 lbs.

What happens if you exceed the weight limits on a trampoline?

Well, probably nothing. However, you can cause damage to your trampoline or it can become unsafe. The manufacturer has set a safety weight limit for your protection and it is advised not to exceed this rating.