Best Trampoline Tents for your Trampoline [2023 Guide]

If you are looking for the best trampoline tents for your trampoline, updated 2023 guide has you covered. If you do not already have a trampoline, I suggest you start with the trampoline review guideĀ and then come back and choose a tent. The reason I suggest this is that some tents will only fit certain size trampolines. Once you have chosen (or already own) your trampoline, you will have a much easier time choosing the best trampoline tent for your kids and their trampoline!

Before I get started on the best trampoline tents to buy for your trampoline, there is a difference between a trampoline tent and a trampoline cover. A trampoline cover is something that will protect your trampoline from the elements (sun, rain, snow etc) where a trampoline tent is something you kids can play in while on the trampoline, or camp out in overnight! While I will put an example of a trampoline weather cover (for those looking), this post is mostly about the best trampoline tents. I will, however, include trampoline sun shades for those who are looking to keep their little ones out of the hot summer sun!

Best Trampoline Tents for 2023 Review Guide

What to consider when buying a trampoline tent

There are two main things to consider when choosing a trampoline tent. Firstly, what do you plan to use it for? Will it be a camping-style tent or a roof-style tent? I will be the first to tell you that there is not a waterproof option to keep your kids dry on wet days, but trampoline tents are designed to provide fun, not so much function. IF you happen to be looking for ideas to keep kids active in the rain, I suggest a bouncy house and putting it up in the garage!

The second consideration to take into account when choosing a trampoline tent cover or trampoline roof is the size of your trampoline. You need to know whether you have a 14ft or 12ft or 15ft trampoline! I find the larger sizes are the most popular, but a quick measurement of the diameter will tell you.

Ensure you remove your trampoline tent if there is inclement weather! You can read more tips and weather and trampolines in the how to winterize your trampoline guide!

Types of Trampoline Tents

As mentioned above, different people have different ideas and functions for their trampoline cover. A typical trampoline cover goes on top of the mat and will protect from weather elements. A trampoline tent can either be a camping-style tent for your kid to spend the night in (or have an afternoon sleepover party) and be protected from things like bugs and dew. The other option is a trampoline roof that sits on the top of the enclosure net and poles.

Trampoline Tents Comparison Chart

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Trampoline TentImagePrice
Propel Trampolines Trampoline Club House LargeCheck Price
Propel Trampolines Club House SmallCheck Price
JumpSport Trampoline TentCheck Price

Top 3 Trampoline Tents

Jumpking 14ft trampoline tent

Jumpking offers a circus style tent for their 14″ trampoline. It keeps debris off the trampoline and offers shade for jumpers as well! This trampoline tent is compatible with 14 ft. trampolines that have 4, 5, 6 or 8 enclosure poles (trampoline and enclosure sold separately). It provides high clearance for bouncing kids. This tent is more for sun and debris, not rain and winter weather.

Trampoline Clubhouse Tent (Large)

This 15ft trampoline tent is by far the most popular trampoline tent for sale. It is made by Propel Trampolines and is designed for a 15ft trampoline. I find that most people that have space will buy the larger size trampoline when possible. This will fit on 15ft and 14ft trampolines.

Part of the trampoline clubhouse tent’s popularity is due to the design, with a “Club House” feel with walls, doors, and windows! If you check out the reviews online, someone even had a foam party inside!

It is designed to slip over the top of the trampoline enclosure posts and ties to the trampoline frame. It is 180″ tall and designed to go on the Propel 15ft, 6 post trampoline. If your trampoline does not have 6 posts, I suggest you measure it carefully. Note that the reviews online say it does not fit the popular 15ft Skywalker trampolines.

Clubhouse Trampoline Tent (Small)

This 12ft trampoline tent is the same as the one from Propel Trampolines above but designed for a smaller trampoline. It is designed to fit on Propel 12ft trampolines with 6 poles. It has a zippered enclosure door and windows to provide the ultimate tent experience for kids!

As with the larger style above, it is designed to slip over the top of the trampoline enclosure posts and ties to the trampoline frame. If your trampoline does not have 6 posts, I suggest you measure it carefully to ensure it will fit if you have a different trampoline model.

Jumpsport Big Top Trampoline Tent

The Jumpsport Trampoline Tent is 11 feet in diameter and 5 1/2 feet tall. It is designed to be fun and offer a camping or sleepover feel for your children and offers enough height for them to bounce it as well! It has zipper doors and 3 windows offering plenty of fun for your kids on their trampoline.

This Jumpsport trampoline tent is designed for 12 to 14ft round trampolines. If you have a larger trampoline you can simply attach bungee cords to get the straps to reach. It is designed for Jumpsport brand trampolines and is not guaranteed to work with other brands.

Top 3 trampoline tents