The Best Gymnastics Gift Ideas for 2022

If you are looking for the best gymnastics gift ideas then you are in the right place. If your budding star or casual gymnast is all about the sport then why not add some cute gymnastics themed gifts to their birthday gift, Christmas gift or even after a meet.

There are plenty of gymnastics gifts out there, from stocking stuffers to gymnastics equipment. This post has them all broken down, from gifts under $10 to gear that will help them train. If you are looking for a new leotard or maybe a hoody for school so your gymnast can show off their love for their sport they are all below in this list of the best gymnastics gifts!

Mermaid Leotard – mermaids are all the rage for girls, grab a mermaid leotard for your daughter. From 2 year olds to 10 year olds, there is a size that will fit your child.

Trampoline – maybe not what you first think of, but a trampoline is great to keep your children active. I have a whole post about choosing the best trampoline for your backyard. You can read the post here: best trampolines for kids. You can even get a pink trampoline for your little gymnast!

Long Sleeve Leotard – If you want to outfit your gymnast in a new long-sleeve leotard, they make a great gift any time of year.

Panel Mat by Tumbl Trak – Panel mats have plenty of uses for gymnasts. I have a post detailing the different types. You can read more about the best gymnastics mats.

Gym Chalk Ball – always a necessity in the gym bag, a chalk ball

Cheese Wedge Mat – another great practical devise for gymnasts to use at home. Consider getting a cheese mat for your child.

Gymnatics grips – These ones are best sellers online. 

I Do Gymnastics Everywhere Tshirt – Why not grab one of these for your gymnast! Check them out here.

This is My Handstand Shirt – super popular for school or on the way to gymnastics, grab a “this is my handstand shirt” online

Hair Ties – These popular hair tyes come in all colors and are popular gymnastics presents.

Get a gymnastics quote made into a wall decal or waterbottle decal!


slip on sandals

team jacket

metal holder

gymnastics bag

drawstring bag

gym mats

beam – folding sectional or low


pull up bar

handstand homework mat

beam store suede beam

tumble track air floor pro



charm bracelet


athletic tape

phone case

water bottle

pre wrap / pro wrap

gymnastics har



books – courage to soar symone biles,

books – fierce Aly Railman

books – raising the bar Gabby Douglas


vinal decal

american girl doll gymnast




nail file

vinyl quotes for walls

zipper pull





car decal

gym chalk

luggage tag

gymnastics mom mug

pillow case

photo frame

accessories: scrunchies, hair spray, bandaids, tylenol, hair clips, nail polish remover, hair burhs, lip balm, snacks