15 Trampoline Safety Tips for 2023

While Trampolines can be great fun and good exercise, there are certain safety precautions to keep in mind when children are using them. Over 200 000 children are treated for trampoline injuries each year in the United States. This is just one of the many trampoline injury statistics. Keep these trampoline safety tips in mind when you purchase the best trampoline for your family.

Best Trampolines - kid jumping on trampoline
We recently found this awesome trampoline on our vacation! My kids gravitate towards trampolines everywhere!

List of Trampoline safety tips!

  1. Never allow more than one person to jump at a time. Collisions can cause injury.
  2. Do not install your trampoline near trees, fences, posts or any other obstacles that a child could hit in case of a fall.
  3. Ensure all springs are in the correct position before allowing children to use the trampoline.
  4. Enclose trampoline with a high net around the structure. Most injuries occur from bouncers falling off the trampoline. All of my top trampoline reviews are trampolines sold with enclosures. If you are looking for a toddler trampoline, consider these ones
  5. Remove Jewelry
  6. Review the safety manuals included with your trampoline purchase
  7. Use soft materials such as sand underneath and around the trampoline
  8. Wear Proper Clothing
  9. Discourage summersaults or flips
  10. Use the trampoline ladder to get on and off. Do not jump off the trampoline on to the ground.
  11. Do not use a wet trampoline
  12. Ensure there are no objects below the trampoline before using it
  13. Do not use the trampoline under the influencer of drugs or alcohol
  14. Ensure adult supervision
  15. Use common sense