How to Choose Between all of the 10ft Trampolines

If you are looking for a 10ft trampoline then this guide is for you. 10 foot trampolines are great for small spaces or young kids. They fit into small urban backyards and after have lower heights to allow younger children to easily climb in. 10ft trampolines are usually cheaper investment-wise than a large backyard trampoline. Most of the major brands make 10ft trampolines and I have listed them below.

I do not cover 10ft trampolines in depth in either of my best trampoline guide or my toddler trampoline guide so it made sense for me to make this guide for just the 10ft models!

Be warned, it is slim pickings right now with stock for trampolines. The manufacturers are building the parts and components as quickly as possible. They just cannot seem to keep up with the demand. Demand over the last 2 years has skyrocketed as more and more families are spending time at home. So if you do find something in stock, do not delay for too long, as when you return it may no longer be available with a lead time that is often 2 months!


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Best 10ft Trampoline Models

SpringFree 10 foot Trampoline

I am starting with the Springfree trampoline because it sets the bar high when it comes to safety and quality materials. They have an industry leading 10 year warranty and their trampolines are designed to stand up to 365 days a year of use in all weather conditions! While they are one of the most expensive 10ft trampoline manufacturers, many parents who have replaced cheap trampolines have opted for a Springfree because they know they will not likley need to buy another trampoline for their children again!

These trampolines are sold online but in the summer months pre-orders direct from the manufacturer are required to secure delivery.

Skywalker 10ft Trampoline

Skywalker is another major brand when it comes to trampolines. They make various sizes including this 10ft model. Skywalker is competitively priced and since it is a known brand, it is easier to get any replacement parts as they are needed. Their 10ft trampoline has durable heavy gauged steel frame construction and top-of-the-line safety features for parent’s peace of mind. The trampoline and safety enclosure frame assembly uses reinforced welded T-sockets at each frame joint, creating a solid and stable uni-bodied trampoline and the enclosure frame. The enclosure net is connected directly to the jumping mat at each v-ring, providing safety for jumpers by eliminating gaps. This 10ft trampoline from Skywalker has 64 rust resistant heavy gauge springs and thick foam-padded spring cover. The weight limit is 175 lbs which makes it perfect for all size children. The manufacturer reccomeds this model for children ages 6 and up.

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BouncePro 10ft Trampoline

The Bouncepro 10ft trampoline is available online from Walmart. The frame and legs are made from high quality galvanized steel. It has a UV-resistant jump mat, spring pad protector, and enclosure netting. It is 6 feet tall to the top of the enclosure net. Some models also come with a light up system.

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SereneLife 10ft Trampoline with Net

SereneLife 10ft trampoline is a high-rated trampoline that you can buy online from Amazon. The frame of this trampoline is made from heavy-duty, engineered galvanized metal and the jumping mat is made from reinforced polypropylene, providing durability and strength. This 10ft trampoline is weather-resistant. Its weight limit is a staggering 250 to 350 lbs which is much higher than even the 15ft trampoline for sale in the marketplace (it is unclear which weight is actually correct as the manufacturer lists both weights. Best to stick to the safety instructions in the manual. However, this high weight limit means that even adults can join in the fun. But the jumping mat is lower than a large trampoline so keep that in mind!

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Giantex 10ft Trampoline

Giantex makes several size trampolines and its larger models are featured in my best trampoline guide. They do also make a 10ft trampoline which is reasonably priced and well made. It boasts a 300 lb weight limit meaning it can be enjoyed by kids and adults. However, it is lower to the ground so keep that in mind when you have adults jumping on it. The 10ft trampoline by Giantex comes with the mat, enclosure, frame, pads and the trampoline ladder.

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Doufit 10ft Trampoline

The Doufit 10 foot trampoline has a heavy duty stainless steel frame, 54 springs, a enclosure net that is sewen into the jumping mat which ensures the jumper cant slip between the mats and end up on the springs. The design of this 10ft trampoline means that you are likely to have about 8 feet in jumping space. The jumping mat is 28inches off the ground.

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QCen 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure

QCen makes a competitively priced 10ft trampoline. The net is attached to the outside allowing more jumping space. The QCen 10ft trampoline boasts a 330 lb weight capacity meaning that adult and kids can enjoy this trampoline. It is 30″ off the ground and comes with a ladder.

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